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About Me:

I'm CayCay! I'm a Narrative Designer/Game Writer who specializes in comedy, catharsis, and systems that support strategic play.

A background in solo development gave me strong foundations in programming, art, level design, and systems design - I thrive on an interdisciplinary team with cross-role communication.

I'm nonbinary, and my pronouns are They/Them.

My Life Outside Game Dev:

For 4 years before I started making video games, I was an improv comedy teacher. I taught evening classes at The Upfront Theatre in Bellingham, Washington and on the weekends I would perform shows with the rest of the mainstage ensemble. Some of my highlights include:

  • Developing an original curriculum and teaching a class on the intersection between social justice and comedy with my friend and coworker Jane Mitchell.

  • Organizing and leading a team to co-write a sketch comedy show, and then directing that show.

  • Running a month-long episodic improv comedy show about a tabletop RPG campaign, in which audience members piloted the actors' characters. 



Kristina strikes a contrapposto while I stand there like a refrigerator.



Jane swings her axe at an ogre as I narrate the battle.


Grabbing dinner with my Improv 200 students after our final class.


Ryan Stiles ran the theater I worked at, he'd perform with us Thursday nights.

Yes, I have a Weird Name!

My name has a number in it! It's not my gamertag or my favorite Star Wars droid or something. It's my name! 

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