Shiner is a turn-based RPG where you learn every attack that gets used against you. It uses ludonarrative harmony to tell a story about cycles of abuse. 

My Role:

I'm responsible for everything other than audio on this project, so art, animation, programming, and game design are all my jurisdiction. The primary focus of the project is telling an emotionally cathartic story using narrative design. 

On Ludonarrative Harmony:


The main goal of Shiner is to have every gameplay element compliment its narrative elements, and vice versa. Here are some of the ways I'm achieving this:

  • When you get hit by an attack, you learn that attack. This represents how we can learn damaging behaviors from others.

  • The importance of consent is a key pillar of Shiner's narrative. The gameplay reflects this by requiring you to ask before initiating battles. The inverse is also employed for contrast, as the game begins with your character being attacked without warning. 

  • Shiner is a game about getting hurt. In the menu screens, the protagonist gets punched when buttons get clicked.

  • NPC's personalities are based on the attacks they know, as are their relationships with other characters. For example, Zimpo and Sharpnut are friends because neither one has a kit that's capable of harming the other from a gameplay perspective. 


Shiner is currently in development and is planned to release in May 2022.